Asbestos Roof: Why People Choose It

Have you heard of rumors that say the roof of asbestos is not healthy for health (damage to health)? But why are there still so many people wearing this roof made of asbestos? Go to for more info, so you will be able to make sure if asbestos roofing system is a good choice, especially for your garage.

Besides being used as the roof of the house asbestos roof is also widely used for warehouses, cattle stalls, stalls, kiosks, shops, patrol posts etc. here’s why people choose asbestos roof regardless of how many roof options are available out there.

– Saves costs incurred. Well, for shopping building materials and installation costs are cheaper, when compared roof tile. If there are any remaining funds can make developing business capital or household expenditures.

– Alternative substitute for leaking roof during the rainy season. If you are still contracting or boarding there is no harm can be applied.

– The shape is wide and easy to cut so lets you use this type of roof in accordance with the needs.

– Goods are easy to get, in other words almost every building store must provide asbestos of the smallest size of 5 feet to the largest (10 feet).

The roof of a house is one of the most important parts of a house. If the House is analogized like a man, then the roof of the house is his head. Without a human head will not be able to live. we will not get wet and cold when it rains and we will not be too hot in summer (drought). Currently many types of roof you can choose eg roof tile, roof galvalume/spandex, metal roof tile, zinc, and many others. Each has advantages and disadvantages, besides the price is also different.

Another reason why you should consider the asbestos roof is the quick work of whether for the new installation or for the replacement. Because of its wide and large shape so the workmanship can be faster than the usual roof tile. For locks using tacks.