The Best Way to Trim Your Plant

Absolute pruning is done to make the look and the canopy of the plant always good and the garden looks neat. Generally, the question will be the title of this article can be directly answered correctly and quickly, namely: for the appearance/canopy of the plant is always good and the park looks neat. Do not humans regularly also have to cut hair and nails? If not, what would it be? This opinion is true, but some of the following factors should also be known in order to be able to “trim” the crops that are most cherished. Meanwhile, you may also check out tree service if you’re looking for a great tree trimming service.

– Trim the young tree immediately after planting. Once planted, trim the main stem of young plants with a high left of between 60 to 75 cm. Trim all branches that lead sideways and leave no more than two branches. This will equate the area on the top of the tree with the area in the root system. If you want a tall tree so you can sit under it when the weather is hot, do the initial trimming on the young tree at the higher point.

– Trim the young trees that have bad growth. If your young tree does not grow well, do heavy trimming for the first three years. Heavy trimming in the first few years will produce fewer fruits in the early days, but the tree will be strong and productive in the long run.

– Avoid trimming healthy young trees too often. If the young tree grows well, let it continue to grow. Do trimming irregularly or not trimmed at all. Uncommon trimming, in general, has no definite definition. This action refers to trimming performed with less frequent frequencies in the mature trees. You can do trimming in every winter, or do not do it at all.