DinLuxuries aren’t mandatory for your kid’s kindergarten

It cannot be denied, one of the considerations of parents choosing a particular kindergarten for their children is the facilities offered by the school, whether the school building, classrooms, teaching and learning facilities, playroom, and so forth. What kind of physical facilities does a real kindergarten child actually need? Meanwhile, if you do prefer high-quality curriculum and facilities, we recommend you to check out the International Kindergarten School Bangkok.

This question becomes so important because it is increasingly seen as a very noticeable gap between one school and another. On the one hand, there is a “five-star” kindergarten that has all the luxurious amenities. Among them are an air-conditioned class, athletic track, Olympic standard swimming pool, and so on. While on the other hand, there is also “lame” kindergarten with makeshift facilities.

Experts further revealed, “Excessive school facilities need to be questioned. Is that all to meet the needs of the child, just to fulfill the prestige of the parents or even just for commercial purposes and school’s ambitions? “This all-around facility, in turn, will bring a series of effects of high maintenance fees charged to parents in the form base money and expensive school fees. Though it could be not all the facilities are used by children.

So, what are the standard facilities that kindergarten children need? These include:

1.Supports Physical Activity

The facilities needed to fulfill the physical activity of the child is not really grandiose. There are enough pages to run around, jump around, and some games like slides, swings, iron frames that kids can use to ride down, and the like. In essence, the game can be used to train a rough motor child. As for the smooth motor training available various kinds of games or equipment, such as for painting, coloring, and so forth.

2. Classroom

The classrooms that children need are not necessarily luxurious complete with air conditioning facilities and so on. The important thing is the class should be clean and not too crowded. Ideally, a maximum classroom is only filled with 20 students with 2 teachers. Too many students will make the learning atmosphere ineffective and the teacher will be overwhelmed.