Eliminating Pain After Dental Removal

For a safe step, you can do some of the following tips from Brit Phillips DDS – Fort Worth Dentist so that the post-tooth extraction pain soon disappears and heals.

– Cold Compresses
First, you can do a compress with cold water/ice from the outside of the teeth or the tooth. Paste this cold compress on a thick cloth for 10-20 minutes. Although done from the outside, you also still have to be careful. Try not to cold water direct contact with the skin so that blood vessels do not die totally.

– Drink pain medication
Next, you can use painkillers or pain relievers as recommended by your doctor.

– Gargle salt water
Finally, you can do a gargle with salt water. Saltwater made this mouthwash can reduce the pain and swelling. But to be safe, do this way after one day the process of tooth extraction and do not gargle too hard.