Do not Choose The Wrong One, It’s Some Tips To Find The Right Gaming Laptop

Playing games would be a very fun thing that you can do. This is because the game can make you feel good again after you get off the various activities that you do. However, to play the game with fun, you have to find 13 inch gaming laptops to play the game can be a very fun activity.

To get the laptop you mean, there are some things you should look for you are not wrong in buying the laptop. some of these things are

– Note the processor used
First, you have to specify the processor. For Intel users, at least select Core i5 processor and above. As for AMD users, select the A8 series, A10, or FX Series. In addition, you also do not forget to pay attention to the speed. Each processor has a different speed. How to find out, consider the units of Ghz that follow. The higher the GHz it will be the better.

– Make sure it is equipped with VGA
The second is a graphics card or VGA. This one component will affect the graphical display on the screen. Of course, the better the VGA performance will be the better graphics display. Unlike memory (RAM) that can be replaced or added, VGA on laptops generally cannot be replaced. So you have to think it through. NVIDIA is one of the most popular graphics cards because it is more affordable.

– Check the resolutions and screen size
If you want a captivating image, you should choose a laptop with great resolution. The bigger the resolution, the sharper the image will be. As for the size of the screen, you should adjust to the needs. 15 “screen size will fit to play the game. However, it will certainly be bigger and heavier to carry.

– Have Enough RAM
Another component you should look at is the amount of RAM. This component affects whether or not the process running on the laptop. The greater the RAM you have the better. To support gameplay, at least available 4 GB of RAM. You should also select a laptop that has an additional RAM slot. To anticipate if at any time you want to add RAM.