The Importance of Internet

There are two important roles on the Internet: (1) as a source of data and information, and (2) a means of data and information exchange. As a source of information the Internet stores various types of information with an unlimited amount. We can access any information on the internet. Anyone connected to the internet can access that information. As an exchange of information, the Internet can be used as a means of exchanging information from one computer to another without being limited by the physical distance and the two computers. Two computers that are connected to the Internet can communicate with each other, exchange data and information. Access and exchange of information are done in a very fast time. If you live in the rural area but need to benefit from the internet, go to

The Internet became one of the triggers of globalization because it has eliminated the boundaries of the world. The Internet allows us to access information stored on computers in other parts of the world. The Internet has made two people from different hemispheres able to communicate without being constrained by state borders, time, distance and legal bureaucracy of a country.