For Women, Use The Socks That Match Your Shoes With These Tips

Socks are often an item that is widely used by everyone. Many people also use socks with various colors and motifs that are funny and appropriate to their personality. One of the socks you can use for everyday looks is Novelty Socks. With a variety of styles and colors, you can use it in various performances you every day.

However, for women, you can mix and match existing socks with the shoes you have. However, it should be tailored to the shoe model. some tips mix and match socks with shoes are

1. Flat shoes
You can use striped socks for those shoes, in addition, socks that have lace or funny motifs can also be an option for you.

2. Heels
Do not hesitate to use socks with high heels because you can look nerdy sexy at the same time.

3. Oxford shoes
To perform preppy, you can wear an outhouse with oxford shoes to look more feminine.