Dealing with the cracked foundation

To solve the problems on the floor and foundation, first identify what causes. Once the cause of the foundation problem is revealed, we can find a solution to handle it. Meanwhile, if your problem is with the wooden stump of your house, we recommend you to call the Reblocking Melbourne.

A cracked foundation

Cracks in the foundation become one of the problems that are often experienced buildings and homes, especially those standing on unstable ground conditions. Mostly, homes located on the edge of the cliff are more at risk of cracking in this foundation. Even so, this cracked foundation could also be because on the ground there is a hole or a house of termites, which causes the surface of the land above it to be unstable. Unfortunately, sometimes this crack is not realized by homeowners, especially if the cracked floor is covered with carpet or furniture. Usually, we will only notice a rift after the ants and other small animals come out of the crack. The foundation solution is cracked by patching the cracked area with cement, then covering it back with tiles.