The difference between LED and fluorescent ring lights

The main difference is Fluorescent in the form of white fluorescent lamps while LEDs are small lamps in large quantities (usually the number is listed on the type name). So the LED light is brighter and longer lasting. If the fluorescent life power of 10 thousand hours then the LED up to 100 thousand hours. Then how the effect on lighting quality of fluorescent and LED? Meanwhile, you can visit to find high-quality ring lights online.

For results that produce more accurate output is a type of LED.

Keep in mind also, both types of lights are both wearing white light. This is certainly very important to shot beauty, makeup and portrait photography in capturing the true “color”.

It should be noted also, the type of fluorescent requires a high caution because of the neon frail. If knocked down then die entirely, while the LED is not. You only need to replace one of the lights that are off or continue to use if it does not have much effect on the quality of the lighting.