The Importance of Regular AC maintenance and Clean

Many people do not know the reason why AC should be cleaned or washed. Especially for those of you who classified as new users cooling machine. The question also had crossed my mind when first not familiar with the working principle of AC. Did not rule out that thing you’ve also experienced, is not it? Do you still have the doubt to call aircon servicing professional?

One of the reasons why air conditioning should be cleaned regularly is because the working principle of air conditioning circulates the air. The first reason why AC should be cleaned although still cold because the way the AC is circulating the room. Hot air in the room will be inhaled by the indoor AC with the help of the fan. Which when the process of sucking the dust or any other small particles will go inhale. Then the dirty dust will stick to the filter and also the evaporator. If it is allowed, it will affect the performance of the AC in conditioning the room to cool.