What’s an invoice?

An invoice is a document used as a proof of purchase that contains the amount of payment to be paid by the buyer. In running a small business or large, you must still send an invoice every sales transaction. If you run a large business, chances are you will send dozens of invoices to customers every day. However, of all the invoices sent, how many are actually paid on time? Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the blank invoice online that you can use for your business.

A study conducted by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs related to payment-rate efficiency, recently stated that only 63% of paid invoices are punctual. One of the biggest reasons for late payments comes from invoices with unclear instructions. To save the company from having trouble handling delayed payments due to unclear bills. Most customers these days don’t like it when their transactions are unclear enough for them to understand. Therefore, having an invoice is absolutely reliable, for the sake of maintaining the customer’s trust to your business.